MySQLi Repeat Region

The Repeat Region server behavior lets you display multiple records from a recordset within a page. For example, if a search for Products in specified price range returns three results, the Repeat Region server behavior allows you to display all three results of the search query on the results page. Without it, only the first record will be shown.

Any dynamic data selection can be turned into a repeated region. However, the most common regions are a table, a table row, or a series of table rows. On any results page that you've been building, the dynamic data from a recordset is generally contained in a table comprised of a single row. You'll add a Repeat Region server behavior to this table. When the application server processes the page, the table will be repeated with a different record inserted into each new table.

1 Open your record results page page in the Document window.
2 Select the table containing the dynamic content by clicking once inside the table and clicking the <table> tag in the tag selector at the bottom of the Document window.
3 Select Window > Server Behaviors to display the Server Behaviors panel.
4 Click the plus (+) > WebAssist > MySQLi and select MySQLi Repeat Region.
The Repeat Region dialog box appears.

5 Select a Recordset from the Recordset pop-up menu.
6 Select the All Records option.
7 Click OK.
In the Document window, a thin, tabbed gray outline appears around the repeated region. When you test your application in a browser, the results page will display all of the records that match the URL parameter specified by the user.