Shipping Settings

The following options are provided for you to customize how shipping charges are handled on your store.

If you have any account with one of the supported shipping providers, you can provide real-time shipping rate lookup to charge your customer exactly what it will cost you to ship the package to them.

  • Enable Shipping: If selected, the shipping details form will appear on the checkout page for your customer to enter their details.
    If you are not shipping products and only sell digital goods or services, you will want to uncheck this option.
  • Weight Units: Choose the unit of measurement you would like to use for weight.

Shipping Rules

The shipping rules interface allows you configure a Shipping Rate Lookup with a supported shipping provider or create a custom shipping table if your shipping provider is not supported.

  1. Click Add Shipping Rule
  2. Enter a Label for the Shipping Rule
    If applicable, your customer will see this label as an option on their checkout page.
  3. In the Destination Country field, choose the country that this rule applies to.
  4. Enter a Base Rate for all packages shipped using this rule.
  5. Enter a Per-Item Rate for all packages shipped using this rule.
  6. From the Provider field, choose the Shipping Provider you would like to use, or select Custom to create your own shipping table.
  7. Enter a max weight and the rate for that weight and click Add.
  8. Continue entering all weights and rates for this rule.
  9. Click OK when finished.

You can create as many rules as you would like. If more than one rule applies to your customer on checkout, they will have the opportunity to select which shipping option they would like. This allows you to provide your customer with the ability to choose a ship type such as "First Class" or "Overnight".