Delete Multiple Records

This server behavior performs a database record deletion when an event on the page is triggered. It removes the record from the selected database table using the defined connection.

It is necessary to define the primary key column and the source of the unique ID for the record to make sure the correct record is retrieved for deletion and ultimately removed from the database.


The Delete Multiple Records server behavior is accessible in the following location:
  • Server Behaviors panel > Plus icon (+) > WebAssist > DataAssist > Delete > Multiple Record Delete


Determine the page event or trigger used to delete the record information from the database.

Trigger: Available triggers are:
  • any form post
  • before page load
  • current page submit
  • a selected button on the page


The following criteria is necessary to properly configure your database information for use with this server behavior:

Connection: Selects the database connection used to connect to the database for your application. Select from a list of available connections defined prior, or click the Define button to configure a database connection.

Table: Selects the table within the chosen database that contains the data used by the pages you are creating


Stores the record data for use moving forward after the deletion has taken place.

Key column: Specifies the column with the database that is a unique key for the records within the selected table. This determines the column that allows the identification of specific records by virtue of having a unique value.

Value: Sets where the record id is passed to the page from so that the correct record for deletion can be retrieved.

Data Type: Sets the data type for the key column to ensure that the data retrieved from the value source matches the database column. This is to verify data integrity and make sure that the correct record is deleted. The following is a list of available data types to select, but please refer to your database to ensure proper correlation:
  • Text: Only accepts text values.
  • Numeric: Only accepts numeric values.
  • Date: Accepts date values using standard SQL syntax.
  • Date MS Access: Accepts date values from MS Access databases.
  • Checkbox: Y,N: Defines checkbox values in a database using Y and N.
  • Checkbox: 1,0: Defines checkbox values in a database using 1 and 0.
  • Checkbox: -1,0: Defines checkbox values in a database using -1 and 0.
  • Checkbox: MS Access: Defines checkbox values in a MS Access database.

After delete

Sets the actions that take place after deleting the record.

Go to: Sets the redirect location that is loaded upon deleting the record

Pass original querystring: If a query is currently maintained in your session from prior to the delete, checking this box will pass that querystring on to the redirect page.